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 What were they thinking? Or were they?

UpFrontPrice.Com customer Mike Murray found this interesting bit of plumbing.

Here's how he fixed it up.

What were they thinking?!

An amazing feat of gas piping. It's a good thing there's a home center nearby or this job couln't have been done!

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 I'm always on the look out for Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical & Appliance clip art. As I find more, I'll add it here.  Of course, I appreicate any submissions you might care to send!

If you're looking for something or have something to share, please contact me!

NOTE: I'll cite the source when I know of it so you'll know where to get more like it. If you recognize a clip that should be properly cited please let me know so I can add the link. Some of these items might be copyright protected but since I don't know what is and what isn't I must warn you that commercial use might be a copyright infringement. Check in frequently for the latest updates.

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