The Impact-O-Meter will give you an idea of how much you need to charge and how little it will affect your customer.

Welcome to the UpFrontPrice Impact-O-Meter!

Simply enter the Value Rate of the standard toilet tank rebuild task from your  price book then enter how much you need to increase your cost by in  order  to  cover  your current budget.  You'll see how much more an individual customer might have to pay for your proposed price increase and you'll also see the estimated effect of this price increase on your bottom line.

See below for more information about filling in the blanks or if you don't use the price book.

Enter the Value Rate for Toilet Tank Rebuild task PPTR125
Your current DEPLOYMENT cost (your break even number) (approximate)
Production Budget Per Week
Number Of Service Trucks
Estimated Sales Weekly
Estimated Sales Quarterly
Estimated Sales Annually
Impact on bottom line
What if I increased my budgeted cost by:
Your New Deployment Cost

Here's the impact:

Your New Value Rate for this task.
Production Budget Per Week
Number Of Service Trucks
Estimated Sales Weekly
Estimated Sales Quarterly
Estimated Sales Annually

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The task:
Look in the toilet service section of your price book and enter the value rate of task number PPTR125.

Deployment Cost:
The calculator should show you the cost of "Deployment" (break even labor cost) that was used in calculating your price book. If the calculated number is different from your task break down book it may be because we've updated materials costs since the printing of your price book.

Production: price books are based upon about 20 sold "Deployment" units per week (actually, 1,000 per year). You shouldn't need to change this budget number but you can if you want to.

Enter the number of service trucks you have on the road. Use decimals for portions of trucks. Example: If you have one full time plumber plus you take care of a few calls too, your number of trucks may be 1.5.

Estimated Sales:
Obviously, you don't exclusively sell tank rebuilds but we have to start somewhere. We picked this toilet repair task because it uses an average amount of parts, not too many, not too few. It should provide at least a reasonable sales projection for the purpose of estimating the impact of your price increase.

Budget Increase:
Over the years, your costs have been creeping up. Fuel, insurance and wages are making a significant impact on your cost of doing business. Estimate how much your cost per Deployment unit has increased over the years and enter it here. You can try the calculator with several numbers in order to get a feel for the impact on your business and your customers.

If you don't use the price book this calculator probably won't work for you but if you want to try it, you can enter your price for a standard tank rebuild using a plastic refill valve, flush valve and a tank to bowl bolt set. The labor allocation for this task should be up to an hour on the clock)